THE HAGUE – Today Meetroo Entree was launched. This new digital dashboard allows employees to gain access to corporate information in an intuitive and easy way. The product was developed by Meetroo, a Dutch company providing software and services for Microsoft Office 365. It’s Meetroo mission to make employees happier by improving the abilities to navigate and filter large amounts of information.


Traditional intranet is dead

In many company’s employees have poor access to information. Meetroo Entree solves this problem. It replaces the outdated traditional intranet that was designed to look like a website. Meetroo entrée works and feels like an operating system on our smart phones. No training is required. It’s like stepping into a new car: you already know where to find the controls. The use of this Entrée dashboard is based on three screens: home, feeds and hub. Feeds shows what’s happening in the organisation and the hub provides access to all applications or information sources, from every device.


Useful for IT-service providers

The product is also a powerful tool for IT-service providers. Most IT service providers are limited in growth by the inability in finding qualified personnel. On top of that customers are expecting an ‘one stop shop’. Because it’s impossible to be specialised in every area of IT, the need for collaboration between IT companies is key. With the embedded Meetroo Entree’s Store, IT Service companies can easily upsell their own and resell third-party services and solutions.
The Entrée hub can also be used to give end users quick access to managed services, products and manuals. A rollout to all Office 365 customers is simple, safe and with minimum cost.


Reduction of sales and support costs

All searches and clicks with Entrée are registered, similar to how Google Analytics works. With help of Machine Learning and pre-defined models the software can provide automated suggestions to IT service providers and their customers about the benefits of certain apps and services. Meetroo calls this presales automation. This will reduce sales and consultancy costs. Due to the easy access to manuals, FAQ’s and an integrated chat functions, Meetroo Entree can also reduce support costs for IT-service providers. Existing support systems like ZenDesk, Autotask and Top Desk can be integrated, so end users will have low barrier access to the IT knowledgebase and support tickets, reducing the workload of call centers. 


Webinar the intranet is dead, time for change

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, today employees are overwhelmed in an ongoing stream of information from social, email, intranet and other sources. All fighting for their attention. This makes it very hard to prioritise and do the right things at the right moment.  To celebrate the launch of Meetroo Entree we have planned 4 webinars in which our chief storyteller Maarten Visser will explain what’s wrong with our current approach and how to solve this with the new SharePoint Online Communication Sites, Microsoft Teams, and our newest product Meetroo Entree. The webinar will be presented in Dutch and English on 4 separate moments.  

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