We have been quite custom to adding clever apps on our phones to ease  parts of our lives. Yet only few have the habit of of adding applications (add-ins) in a Microsoft environment. Even though this has been possible since 2013. Were you aware of the enormously clever Outlook Add-ins that improve the email experience and increase productivity? And recently Microsoft made it possible to automate the roll-out of Add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint to all employees within an Office 365 tenant. And shortly this will also be available for Outlook. 


Due to our various activiteit and personal interests we read a lot. And regularly we come across stories that are renewing, inspiring, funny or just a great explanation of something useful and scream "share me!" Which is why we introduce a new biweekly blog "Stories that captured our attention".

What if changing one single habit would give you plenty more time, increase your productivity and overal help you to get more done in a day? Many of us developed the habit of starting the day processing emails and social feed. If you limit yourself to doing at fixed moments in your day, it becomes much easier to manager your time. So let's plan to not open your email before 12 o'clock.

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