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Meetroo changes your way of working

We provide the best Employee Workplace and Customer Portals for Office 365, delivered by Microsoft Partners. Our products provide partners with integrated customer support and unique upsell capabilities.

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Digital Workplace Update: Office 365 Information Management

In this Digital Workplace Update, we will talk about Information Management in Office 365.



Digital Workplace Update: OneDrive for Business Files Restore

This year, we are introducing Digital Workplace Updates. Those will be bitesize videos in which we introduce new tools and features for the digital workplace, Office 365, Azure and SharePoint. We will start with OneDrive for Business Files Restore.



Can you keep up?

In a time where 'change is the only constant' and we keep struggling to keep up with the “next big thing in technology”, it can be hard to keep track. Understanding the continuously changing corresponding jargon can be a challenge, even Wikipedia pages are full of the jargon.

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