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Meetroo Entree

Meetroo Entree is a dashboard that provides users an intuitive way to access to all company resources and applications

Meetroo Entree Premium

Meetroo Entree Premium offers all the features of Meetroo Entree and includes a set of employee self service applications.

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Planning & Onboarding

Data collection to secure a smooth implementation of Meetroo will only take half a day. Further we will create a follow-up plan together (communication, training, management).

€1400,- per service


Implementation support

Consulting and support for optimal usage of SharePoint Online and Office 365.

€700,- per service



Incompany training for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and Office 365 to help you increase efficient collaboration within your organisation.

€700,- per training


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Meetroo changes your way of working

We provide the best Employee Workplace and Customer Portals for Office 365, delivered by Microsoft Partners. Our products provide partners with integrated customer support and unique upsell capabilities.

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The Dark Cloud of Shadow IT

A recent publication of Gartner shows that over 80% of employees admit using applications that are not approved by their employer. Shadow IT refers to IT devices, software and services used for business purposes but that are outside the ownership or control of the internal IT organisation. It is expected that in 2020 one third of all successful hacker attacks will go through Shadow IT systems. In other words, be aware of the adverse effects of online cloud applications. 





THE HAGUE – Today Meetroo Entree was launched. This new digital dashboard allows employees to gain access to corporate information in an intuitive and easy way. The product was developed by Meetroo, a Dutch company providing software and services for Microsoft Office 365. It’s Meetroo mission to make employees happier by improving the abilities to navigate and filter large amounts of information.




Microsoft launches new product: Microsoft Teams

Screenshot were already leaked, but last Wednesday Microsoft Teams was finally officially launched. This new online service within Office 365 has as purpose to make the coöperation between groups superior. Microsoft Teams is founded on Office 365 Groups and offers integration of the most important Office 365 products where a conversation (chat) timeline becomes the centre. The timeline is a further development on the Skype Web Cliënt and makes it possible to integrate several (chat)bots in the conversation. Tabs can also be made to use Microsoft and 3rd Party products directly.

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